3 Reasons Why it Will Change Your Life

In today’s world, it can be difficult to make new connections. We certainly seem to love our gadgets and personal space! Whether we commute to work or go for a walk, we tend to put our ear buds in, keep our heads down or start checking our phones.

Well, it’s time to make a change! There are people all around us, waiting to make connections – even if they don’t know it yet. So, take a break from your usual routine and check out the 3 reasons why saying, “hello!” will change your life.

Howdy neighbor!

When was the last time you said, “hello!” to the people along your commute or at your local coffee shop? Chances are, it wasn’t last week . . . or the week before that. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Most people feel uncomfortable interacting with or getting to know people they see on a daily basis.

It’s been proven that something as simple as eye contact makes people feel more connected. It’s a primal response that helps us to recognize whether or not we are accepted or an outcast. Imagine that! By not greeting people with a, “hello”, we are actually giving them the impression that they are not accepted. Subconsciously, this doesn’t leave anyone feeling good or happy.



So, why don’t you give it a try? To start off your day, put down your phone, go get some coffee and greet the people around you. Engage in some conversation – it’s always great fun to hear what people have to say! Mornings might not be your forte but a simple, “hello” with a smile will just brighten your day.

Be a Superstar

Imagine this: it’s the end of the week and you walk into a work event, or social event with a lot of unfamiliar faces.

Scary, right?

Instead of letting that anxiety or stress control you, what if you consciously decide to just say, “hello”? It’s a simple word, one that most people will automatically return. More likely, it will even start a conversation! Saying, “hello”, is the bridge you need to cross in order to make a genuine connection. Think about it this way: instead of waiting around for others to do it, be the superstar who does it first.

It’s time to conquer your fear and it’s easier than you think! Pick a spot beside someone, grab a refreshing drink or head to the buffet and say, “hello” to as many people as you can.


Take advantage of the opportunity to create genuine connections. The added bonus is, you’ll brighten someone else’s day and you never know who you might meet!

Say “Hello” to the World

Admit it. You enjoy spending time on your phone. Chances are, you love social media, and who doesn’t? It’s got pictures, videos, and articles that keep you up to speed on your friends and other issues. Given this day and age, it’s inevitable – we can’t deny that technology plays a significant role.

But today, it’s time to try something new!

It’s okay to start small. Something as simple as making eye contact with others as you walk around the block can do the trick. When you’re ready, try attending a meet and greet in your area. You could also find a new hobby, attempt salsa dancing, or go to the library. At first, if it makes you feel more confident, bring a friend with you. It’s always more fun to share an experience!

Saying, “hello!” will open up a world you never knew you were missing. Not only will it crush those feelings of loneliness, it will help you to feel connected to the world around you. It will stimulate feelings of gratitude and happiness in yourself and those around you. It will change your life.


It is important to remember that if the thought of saying, “hello” increases your anxiety or triggers feelings of depression, it might be time to visit your primary care physician. Reaching out to those who are qualified to help is also an important part of your personal well-being and care.