A Personality-Specific Guide to Establishing Healthy Morning Rituals

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Do you check your phone for notifications? Run your to-do list through your head? Replay the events of the previous night?

The very first moments of awareness after waking up set the tone for how happy, productive and calm the rest of your day is going to be. Most of us spend these precious moments training our minds to be anxious and chaotic. It’s no surprise that the rest of our day follows suit and is filled with stress and toxic thought patterns.

Creating a healthful morning ritual allows you a little bit of breathing room to be yourself and nourish your soul before having to play all the different roles you play every day. Experiencing a mindful present moment first thing in the morning releases negative thought patterns and provides a chance to change the course of your day.

The morning ritual you choose doesn’t matter as much as consistency and repetition as well as the conscious intention to cultivate that present moment space. Do you love the idea but can’t seem to get in the habit? I hear you—discipline is tough! Follow the guide below to help you establish your morning practice.

If you are…

man-couple-people-woman-large…A Rebel who doesn’t like schedules, hates being told what to do and resists any attempts at change or control…You need to find a damn good reason why you should follow through on your morning ritual. The best way to do that is to write down what you truly want and why, and find a way to make that purpose apply not only to performing your ritual, but to all your daily tasks. Everything can serve your life purpose if you let it. Akasha’s Metal Meditation helps you figure out your core values and what drives you to get there.

ache-adult-depression-expression-41253…An Over-thinker who is indecisive and often feels anxious, sometimes without an obvious reason why…You need to dig deep whenever you feel you are resisting performing your daily ritual. Ask yourself what is going on beneath the surface that makes you want to resist what you know will make you healthy and happy. Ask yourself: What am I afraid of? What’s stopping me from choosing my happiness today? Sometimes, just figuring out what’s really going on is enough to dissolve the obstacle standing in the way of your practice. Akasha’s Earth Meditation empowers you and guides you in calm and mindful decision-making to help you achieve balance.

pexels-photo-29781…A Busy Bee who already has so much scheduled and doesn’t have the time…You need to fit a simple ritual into activities you already have to do. For instance, you can repeat a daily mantra or check-in with your emotional state while you brush your teeth, prepare your coffee, ride the subway or put on your outfit. This eats up no extra time on your schedule, but still gives you a burst of meaningful self-engagement before you begin your daily work. Akasha’s Water Meditation helps you recognize the space you need to make sure you can be productive without draining your inner vitality.

food-eating-candy-chocolate…A Self-shamer who starts and stops health programs, can’t seem to stick it out and often gives up…You need to cultivate a
practice of forgiving yourself every day in which you don’t live up to your expectations and then allow yourself to begin again. This is a journey and a process. So repeat to yourself as often as you need, “I love you. I forgive you. I see your effort. You are enough.” Shame is fueled by black and white conceptions of what is “good” and what is “bad” and a self-shamer always thinks they are bad at heart. Remove this toxic belief by recognizing your beautiful complexity and understand that you are worthy of health and happiness. Even if you’ve fallen behind a thousand times, try again and again and again. Akasha’s Fire Meditation helps you explore how to love yourself so that you can find joy in life again and heal the wounds of shame.

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