Healthy Transitions: 5 Steps to Ground You, Calm You and Inspire You to Move Forward with Joy in the Face of Change

I feel a certain amount of grief at the end of summer every year. I love travelling, beachtime and the infectious joy of everyone around me. The looming fall season is a reminder of work, school and responsibilities. More often than not, it is the beginning of the all-too-familiar cycle of stress and fatigue. The summer-to-fall transition brings with it the energy of solemnity and change. It is often around this time that many people switch jobs or encounter significant life changes.

In order to successfully navigate tricky transitions in our lives, whether seasonal, personal or professional, the most important thing to do is to recognize what is going on for you physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Knowing where you stand allows you to set an empowered path forward that can lead you to a space of opportunity and inspiration in the face of change.

So if you’re anxious about upcoming transitions or suffering the back-to-work blues, follow these five steps to a joyful new beginning and take an active role in making this next chapter of your life exquisitely beautiful!

  1.     Set aside time: Block off ten minutes right now. Don’t let anyone or anything interrupt you. Make your space sacred by lighting a candle or turning on relaxing music.
  2.     Tune in: Sit quietly, eyes closed, and listen to the sound of your breath for five long, deep breaths. Feel the quality of your breathing: Is it shallow or full? Recognizing the little things about your physical breath can help you begin to attune to the beautiful details of your day-to-day life.
  3.     Create a physical record of your internal states: Fold a piece of paper into quarters and write at the top of each quarter one of the following:
  •      “Physically, I sense:”
  •      “Mentally, I’m stuck on:”
  •      “Emotionally, I feel:”
  •      “Energetically, I am:”
  1.     Record your states: Close your eyes again, take a deep breath and zero in on one of these layers of yourself, isolating it from the rest. What are the first things that come up for you? These are the most important. Fill out each quarter in this way.
  2.     Action Plan: Now that you have a “weather report” of what’s going on inside of you, craft an intention for this upcoming transition that will specifically speak to and soothe some of the states you noticed. Repeat this personal mantra to yourself with your eyes closed and hands on your heart, feeling every word.


You can also use Akasha’s built-in questionnaire to find effective meditations based on your state to help you revitalize the parts of yourself that are out of balance. Akasha’s element-specific meditations help you gain insight and develop inner calm and resilience in every area of your life.

Here is an example:

Physically, I sense…


Mentally, I’m stuck on…

Not being good enough

Emotionally, I feel…


Energetically, I am…


A possible intention could be:

In this transition, I will create more space for my inner brilliance to shine through.

This mantra soothes physical tightness with the intention of space, fear of failure with the affirmation of self-worth, anxiety with the empowerment of creating a different state for yourself, and energy drain through the imagery of light shining through.

Repeating your intention as your personal mantra when you need it will help you return to the space of peace and empowerment you need to create the most joy out of every challenge and weather changes with strength and determination.  A good mantra will make you feel light and open-hearted. If your first mantra doesn’t work for you, keep at it till you find a mantra that feels just right.

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