If, from the moment you wake up, it’s a frantic race to complete as much of your to-do list, answer as many calls and emails, and get as much work in as humanly possible, it’s likely that you need mindfulness and meditation more than ever! Mindfulness is proven to help you do what needs to be done with more efficiency and better results. It also allows you to feel into the ebb and flow in your day so that every day feels full, as opposed to each day rushing by so fast it’s almost like you weren’t even there to experience it!

So here are 30 ways to incorporate mindful moments in your day and cultivate overall presence and balance in less than a minute every day. Pick at least one thing from this list to do every day and enjoy the mental and physical benefits of calming your stress-response systems and achieving a level of productivity you’ve never been able to access before!

  1.     When you wake up in the morning, quickly make a mental note of what you feel, see, smell, hear, and taste. Consciously tuning into physical sensations helps ground you as you begin your day.
  2.     As you shower, imagine the water dissolving tensions in your body as it comes into contact with your skin and washing them away as it runs off your body. Feel your muscles relax in the process.
  3.     Put down your phone and savor the first three bites of your meal. With each bite, curiously note the sensation of the food in your mouth, ask yourself which flavors are dominant and observe what you feel as you chew.
  4.     Place one hand on your solar plexus and feel the warmth of your hand there while you read articles, browse facebook or check emails.
  5.     While drinking a glass of water, feel the water fill your mouth, filter down your throat then follow the sensation as far down as you can.
  6.     As you put on your clothes, tune into how the fabric feels against your skin.
  7.     On your way to work, think of a friend or acquaintance you haven’t thought about in a while and send them positive vibes. You can wish that they have a wonderful, fulfilling day today.
  8.     As you sit down at your desk, spend a few seconds thinking about a positive intention for the day and write it down on a sticky note. It could be “I will do my work with pride today,” or “I will find something to be passionate about in everything I do.”
  9.     Pick three small tasks, and get them done immediately without thought. Then enjoy the wave of relief and joy that comes from accomplishing tasks.
  10.  Smile genuinely at a coworker, your barista or anyone you deem suitable.
  11.  Close your eyes, and take your nose in circles (clockwise then anticlockwise) to release tensions from your neck.
  12.  To renew your motivation midday, call to mind a role model of yours and list three characteristics you like about them. Try to embody these characteristics for the next hour or more.
  13.  For lunch, arrange your food in a visually pleasing way before eating it.
  14.  When you are sitting, take your hands to your knees and rub them, feeling your stress melt away.
  15.  Alternatively, take your index and middle finger and rub the area between your eyebrows for quick and instant stress relief.
  16.  Think of a task you are dreading. Hold space for the feelings that task triggers. Acknowledge those feelings kindly, then consciously release judgment of yourself with an exhale. Whether you accomplish the task or not in that moment, being mindful of the feelings that get triggered helps those emotions get processed and gets you closer to accomplishing your goal faster.
  17.  For 30 seconds (approximately 7-10 breaths), place your hands on your belly and feel it rise and fall with your breath.
  18.  Just as you’re about to wrap up work for the day, take a moment to close your eyes, put your hands on your heart and thank yourself for your time and dedication today.
  19.  On your way back from work, experiment with balancing your breath so your inhales and exhales are the same length.
  20.  Tune into the sensations of walking, feeling your weight shift into one foot as the other rises and so on.
  21.  Before you step into your home again, take your hands to your shoulders, head and chest and “brush off” any negative energy from the day. Step into your home now with a smile.
  22.  As you take off your work clothes, take pride in the clothes that protected you today by folding them/hanging them/putting them away with care and attention. Thank them for serving you today.
  23.  Take a moment to close your eyes and tune into what your body is really craving for dinner. Our bodies naturally seek out balance and health. You may be surprised to find your body is craving something with citrus, fresh salad or a good bowl of pasta. Whatever it is, follow that craving and honor your body’s wisdom without judgment.
  24.  While doing dishes, focus on the alignment of your spine (tuck your tailbone and keep as much length in the spine as possible) to avoid straining your lower back.
  25.  Light a candle before pursuing your next task or activity with the intention of bringing lightheartedness and ease into your night.
  26.  If you will be sitting for 20 minutes or more, take the time to create a comfortable seat for yourself, using cushions and blankets to get the right height and lower back support.
  27.  As you head to bed, put your legs up the wall and allow yourself to relax as gravity facilitates the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids in your body.
  28.  Write down three things you were grateful for today before you go to sleep.
  29.  Alternatively, take out a notepad and list everything on your mind, literally every to-do, every anxiety, idea, future hope, and put it all on paper so you can go to sleep with a clear mind, knowing anything important is there on paper for later reference.
  30.  As you drift off to sleep, smile and thank yourself for your presence and inner strength today regardless of how much or how little you feel you have accomplished.

These small moments may seem unremarkable. And yet, ease and joy are found in cultivating presence in the most minute details of our daily lives. Incorporating some of these habits will bring you a sense of calm and help you begin living out your days with more focus, enabling you to begin working towards your big-picture goals with confidence!

Anything to add to the list? How do you incorporate mindful moments in your daily life? Comment below!

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