A large part of our global community recently celebrated Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.  As we inch into the winter season in the northern hemisphere, we will soon be celebrating Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, Christmas and, soon enough, the Gregorian New Year. One remarkable thing these end-of-year holidays share is the use of light (lanterns, menorahs, bonfires, twinkle lights, fireworks) to celebrating commonality in the darkest parts of the year.

The kindling of light amid the dark symbolizes our turning within. It represents a shift from the external world into our inner realms to find an internal source of radiance when the external world loses its own luminosity. It is in these beautiful inner worlds that we reignite the torch of our hearts, mend what was once wounded, let go of what can be forgiven and immerse ourselves in the healing warmth of loving feelings for those close to us and for our community at large. Through this inner healing, we begin to nurture the communal bonfire of friendship and unity, and we begin to use our own little light to help the world shine a little brighter as we usher in Earth’s newest journey around the Sun.

The wisdom in the seasonal cycles lies precisely in this journey from light to dark, and from dark back into the light. It is a journey from the outer world into the inner world, reaping wisdom and light from the inner world and pouring it back into the outer world. It is also a journey from joy to sadness to forgiveness, and from forgiveness back to joy. Every year is a chance to renew ourselves by shedding the old and contributing to the creation of something new–something better and more beautiful than what we had before.

And so, as we enter into the final stage of our most recent cycle around the sun, what rituals of healing are you inspired to undertake to contribute towards the triumph of love and light this winter season?

Let us know in the comments below!

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