Stop beating yourself up when you procrastinate.

The time you waste is not the issue. Your work does not need a lot of time to be done well, it needs the right mental space filled with devotion, purpose and well-directed creative energy. One minute of creative reflection will serve you better than twenty days of tedious and uninspired work. Time is not the measure of the quality of your work. Your mental state during the process is.

Rather than expending emotional energy worrying about the time you have left to complete a project, you can begin to create the right headspace to allow for vital energy to come through and create something beautiful. So nurture your energy and your mind. Make a cup of tea, light a candle, do a meditation, remind yourself why this project is important to you or take deep even breaths to calm your nervous system. Take concrete steps to nurture a safe and peaceful environment inside and out. Support your intention to create something beautiful rather than just try to get something done. Show yourself gratitude and appreciation for every little thing you get done and the process it took to get you there. By tending to your mental space, you will work more efficiently and accrue less stress in your day-to-day life, which means you can actually relax when you have time off instead of dealing with the fallout from your anxiety. And you produce much better work!

So with all this in mind: what can you do today to soothe your mind before you begin working?

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