There are three main ways to use affirmations and mantras effectively:

  1. Repetition: Extensive vocal repetition of mantras until old thought patterns are disrupted and replaced by new ones
  2. Self-Reflection Prompts: Focal points for self-excavation through journal writing or mindful contemplation
  3. Temporary Encouragement: Momentary invocations of a mantra to change your present state of mind

In the first method, an affirmation or mantra is repeated sometimes 10, sometimes 1000 (!) times with the intent of inculcating a message or the energy matrix of a specific invocation into the individual’s subconscious. This is helpful when, for instance, a person with body image insecurities needs a paradigm shift so they can begin to recognize their fundamental beauty and be more daring in living out their life. Consistent repetition of “I am beautiful” will eventually seep into that person’s subconscious until the old belief (e.g. “I am ugly”) is dismantled.

The second method provides a person with an affirmation or idea to reflect upon in order to excavate their inner narratives and beliefs. For instance, as an affirmation, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional,” can work as a powerful message to contemplate or to use as a journal prompt. This helps the individual unearth their own perspective on suffering and their mode of operation when times get tough. Self-reflection lets you study yourself to actively discern your inner mechanisms, allowing you to intentionally carve out new paths of thinking that better suit your journey to healthful and heartful living.

The third method is a short-term solution to momentary lapses in confidence or faith. For instance, before an interview, you might repeat to yourself, “I am a strong and creative individual,” to momentarily spike your confidence levels so you enter your interview with a newfound state of self-assuredness and control. This method requires some discernment as you will require different mantras for different situations. You may need to be strong and assertive for an interview while you may benefit more from open-mindedness and patience in a fight with your significant other.

Have you experimented with any of these methods of mantra work? What did you like and dislike about the process?

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Try out these three methods on our affirmations and tell us which worked best for you below.

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Sara Latif