About Us

Here at Akasha, we believe that everyone has the power within themselves to naturally bring positivity, health and well-being into their lives – and it all starts with Whole-Hearted Living. Whole-Hearted Living is about approaching life with every fibre of your being. It’s about using your inner strength to achieve your goals or improve how you feel. It’s about keeping your heart open to yourself, others, and the limitless possibilities around you. We believe that Akasha provides a solid foundation that you can use to help cultivate the kind of life you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur, hard-working employee, student, or teacher, there’s something for everyone to learn and enjoy. 


How it works


Online Questionaire

Not sure where to start? Use Akasha’s built-in questionnaire to identify how you’re feeling on a sliding scale. The app will automatically suggest a module that best suits your needs.


Five Elements

The app allows you to choose from 5 organic elements. Each contains 7 modules and focuses on a specific theme such as, creativity, success, productivity, and harmony and balance.


Progress Tracking

Akasha is with you every step of the way! Keep track and monitor your progress as you use the app. It will show you how far you’ve come and help you to reach your personal goals.



Do you have comments or questions about Akasha? Contact Akasha directly to learn more.